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How Does Dumpster Rental Work?

Ultimate Bin Rental Guide  >  How Does Dumpster Rental Work?

Milos Kazic


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Compare And Book Dumpster Rentals Near You

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Well... How does dumpster rental work then?
Is dumpster rental worth it?
How much does dumpster rental cost?
Which hauler and dumpster do I pick?

Well... How does dumpster rental work then?

So you've got a bunch of junk to get rid of, and you've seen these dumpsters - these junk containers, these roll-off bins - on peoples' driveways...
You think: "That could be useful! But I don't know how it works. Is it expensive? How do I know who to call?"
Well look no further - this is the ✨ultimate bin rental guide

It's pretty straightforward - there are a bunch of companies ("haulers") that own some trucks and a bunch of bins, and go around hauling your trash to the landfill (or the recycling facility 🌱)

The way it works is:

  1. You find and order a dumpster (using dumpstore's search engine, preferably)

  2. It gets dropped off on your driveway (or wherever you need it)

  3. You fill it up

  4. You call the hauler and they come and take it away

Easy enough, but there are some important things to consider before ordering one though - like what size you need, how long you'll need it, and even what type of waste you have.

(Things like shingles can be way cheaper if that's all you're disposing of - we're looking at you, roofers.)

Is dumpster rental worth it?

If you factor in your time (and fuel, honestly) it's hard to beat the price of renting a dumpster.

Driving to the dump is quite an endeavor - it'll take hours of your time, and you'll have to unload the trash by yourself. And you'll pay the same disposal rates that the haulers do. And then you'll have to drive back.

(Not to mention, do you even have a truck? 🤔)

Sometimes, you might be able to rent a large truck - but that's even more tedious/expensive, because you have to go get the truck and return it as well. 

If there is a real alternative however, that would be junk removal services. This is where people come and gather/haul away your junk. Keep in mind though, this is definitely more expensive.

plastic bag floating underwater representing aimlessness of customers beginning their dumpster rental search

Your trash doesn't have to make you feel alone - we're here to help.

Renting a roll-off bin is an easy and straightforward process. We'll walk you through how it works, whether it's the cheapest option, and how to get the right service for your needs.

And finally, you can use our search engine to compare all the options in your area, and even book them online! Instantly!

Because this is the 21st century, and we have the internet now. I don't have the time to call a bunch of people, and frankly, I have anxiety.

How much does dumpster rental cost?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Again, it'll depend on things like the dumpster size, type, how long you need it, what kind of waste you have, etc.

But if you really want to know, just a kind of ballpark answer - you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars - anywhere ranging from $200 to $700.
Or you could just take a quick gander at what's available in your area using our search engine and see exactly what the prices look like.

Ok, I'm sold. Which hauler and which dumpster do I pick?

Gone are the days of filing through the yellow pages and calling people. You can do it all online now, baby!


If you feel like you know what you need, then go ahead and jump into our search engine and pick and book a dumpster that suits you.

But, if you're not exactly sure what kind of dumpster you need, we've got you covered there too. Check out the Chapter 2 of our Ultimate Bin Rental Guide: Choosing the Right Dumpster

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