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Before and During Your Dumpster Rental


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Preparing a space for dumpster dropoff
What time will the dumpster arrive? Do I need to be there?
Remember to call for pickup - and make sure they can pick it up!
How to fill your dumpster the right way
Placing the bin on the road? Might need a permit

Preparing a space for dumpster dropoff

You've pulled the trigger and now you've got a dumpster scheduled to be dropped off at your home/business. Now let's make sure the whole process runs smoothly, and you don't run into any unexpected problems.

In this chapter, we'll go over preparing the space for the dumpster, permits for putting the dumpster on public property, how to fill your dumpster, and other things to keep in mind for before and during your roll-off bin rental.

What time will the dumpster arrive? Do I need to be there?

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That's almost it - gotta finish strong!


How to fill your dumpster the right way

  • Fill your dumpster evenly as you go - If you throw things in haphazardly, it can be difficult to maximize the space. If the weight is distributed really unevenly, it can be difficult or even dangerous for the driver to haul it away. Add the heavy stuff first and space it out evenly.

  • Don't overflow - The waste should not hang out over the sides of the dumpster or stick out over the top. The hauler needs to secure the load to make sure nothing falls out on the drive!

  • Use front loading doors - If you have really heavy items, or items that are difficult to get over the side walls of a dumpster, consider renting a dumpster that has an access door. These dumpsters are marked on dumpstore with this tag:


Remember to call for pickup - and make sure they can pick it up!

Speaking of extension charges, make sure you call to get the dumpster picked up! Most haulers won't come and pick up the dumpster unless you've told them to do so. 

Ultimate Bin Rental Guide

Placing the bin on the road? Might need a permit

Most municipalities have laws on what and how long you can place something on public roads. (This applies to cars too!)

If you want the dumpster to be placed on the road, and don't want to risk getting a ticket, check in with your local city authority on road permitting.

For example, the City of Calgary requires a street use permit.

Generally, you don't need to be present when the dumpster is dropped off. You do need to make sure that it can be dropped off however. If they can't drop it off, you might get charged!
Most haulers have complicated route planning for their trucks, so it's not always possible for a dumpster to be dropped off at a particular time. You can request that it be dropped off in the morning or the afternoon in the dropoff instructions, but contact the hauler directly to confirm. 

Avoiding Fees

Stepping back a second, it's important that when you order, you provide clear instructions to the hauler on where you want the dumpster placed - keeping in mind that you need space for both the dumpster itself and clearances in front and above that space so the truck can easily drop it off.

(Larger sizes like 30 and 40 yard dumpsters will be tricky to get onto residential properties! Make sure to give as much info as possible to the hauler so they can confirm whether it will work)

If you're booking a local hauler through dumpstore's search engine, this falls under the "Dropoff Instructions" on the checkout page.

On your scheduled drop-off date, make sure that there isn't anything blocking the truck or the dumpster when it arrives. Some haulers will place plywood down on driveways and such to protect your property, but not all. 
If you want it on the street, talk to your neighbors or place cones in the area to block it off, and make sure you have a permit if you need one.



Access door

Avoiding Fees
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