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About dumpstore

profile view of an orange 12 to 20 cubic yard roll off bin

Helping people find a dumpster


dumpstore was founded as a company in the winter of 2021 in Calgary, Alberta - during the lockdowns as I pondered what to do in my free time. 

Going for walks around my neighbourhood, I started to notice a lot of different dumpsters. And I thought to myself:

"Huh, there are a lot of different dumpster companies. How did these people choose which company to go with?"

So I Googled "dumpster rental". And strangely enough, there wasn't much. Of the companies that even had websites, they often just wrote down their phone number. I'm born after 1990 - I will do everything in my power to not make a phone call.

I thought it would be nice if I could compare prices, or reviews, or even book online. So dumpstore was built to do that. Pretty straightforward story.

But maybe there's a little bit more to it...?

How dumpstore got started

Helping small businesses compete

I believe in small businesses. I think that supporting a healthy, competitive, transparent market, where locals have ownership of the services and products in their area is part of a healthy economy and society.

I also know that it's getting harder and harder for small businesses to compete. Especially in the internet age. Not every business has the resources to build a website, run ad campaigns, or invest in a digital marketing strategy. So the big businesses dominate and monopolize the internet.
How many times have you clicked onto the second page of Google to find a business? 

dumpstore doesn't charge businesses to list their offers. Heck, I research and list their offers for them. Everybody gets a chance to market their business, based on their prices and their reviews - not their ability to pay for digital marketing.

And in the end, small businesses get to compete and customers get better prices, better service, and more transparency.

What else can dumpstore help with?

dumpstore isn't some corporate behemoth. It's not a VC startup, there's no shareholders demanding a return. It's just me - Milos. Infinite growth and profit is not my goal. (Some profit would be great though, man's gotta eat.) My goal is to solve problems. Solving problems is fun - and fulfilling.

I've got lots of ideas for how dumpstore can help as it grows.

Like helping with the environment - working with landfills, municipalities, and dumpster haulers to divert waste, and to minimize polluting our surroundings. Hopefully saving money along the way.

Lots of little ideas too! Would be nice to track your orders maybe? That's on the development roadmap.

But I'm just a guy - I don't claim to know what everyone's problems are, or how to fix them.

So you tell me! If you have an idea, or a problem that you think dumpstore can help with - send me a message! I'm a real person, and your message isn't going to get lost in some call centre employee's desk.

Thanks for reading, and here's to this dumpster fire.

- Milos from dumpstore

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